SLAV Website

Jin And Co. worked with the SLAV website team to plan, develop and implement the new SLAV website. The website was launched in May 2014, and includes a banner with a featured professional learning event; ‘about us’ information; membership details and benefits; SLAV branch details; a calendar of events which feeds to a list on the front page; SLAV publications and professional learning resources; a blog feed; a twitter feed;a Diigo feed and more. Stage 2 of the project was to develop a members’ onlysection, requiring a login. This stage restricted access to professional learning resources, a ‘members discuss’ space, meeting minutes, and the SLAV journals to members.

Jin And Co. has supported the learning ofthe website manager and the SLAV team members so that they can manage thefeatures of the website and continue to develop. Jin has also developed aninstruction page with links, to support ongoing management. Jin has beenresponsive to requests for additional website features and support whenrequired. A responsive website is an essential part of maintaining aprofessional presence in the online world and Jin And Co. has enabled SLAV toachieve this with expertise.

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Joy Whiteside
SLAV Website Manager