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Committee of Management

This committee works directly with Councillors. The Committee of Management comprises the Executive of the Association, plus co-opted members. The Committee of Management meets on a regular basis throughout the year and acts as the executive decision making body of the Associations between Council meetings.

(L-R Robyn Stark, Lynn Swannell, Di Ruffles, Rhonda Powling, Pam Saunders, May 2024) 

President: Di Ruffles

Vice President: Robyn Stark

Secretary: Lynn Swannell

Treasurer: Rhonda Powling

Extraordinary Members:

Susan O'Malley

SLAV Executive Officer: Pam Saunders –

SLAV Council

The SLAV council is the major policy and decision making forum of the Association and is made up of the Committee of Management, one representative from each branch plus co-opted members.

The SLAV Council is comprised of the Committee of Management,  Editors of Synergy, FYI, Mentor Program Coordinator  and a representative from each Branch.

SLAV council meets on a regular basis, at least 5 times a year, and branches are encouraged to ensure that they are represented at council meetings.


Each Branch Councillor attends and takes part in the vote at any Council meeting that he/she attends. By convention, the Councillors represent the view of their Branch they represent, although they may vote differently from their Branch advice if new information is made available during the discussion at the Council meeting.

Synergy Editorial Committee

Editor: Dr Susan La Marca

Reviews Editor: Dr Rosemary Abbott

Nell Day

Camilla Elliott

Dr Kasey Garrison

Mary Manning

Pru Mitchell

Dianne Ruffles

Margaret Sinnott

Joy Whiteside

FYI Editorial Committee:

FYI, in line with the Association mission statement, will inform members, inspire them, and serve as a record of the Association and its activities.

The committee is a dynamic group attempting to represent the breadth of the Association, who work with, and support, the editor in the production of FYI. Guest members are occasionally invited to join the committee and the group is open to input from all possible sources.

FYI Editor – Mary Manning –

Editorial Committee

Hope Do

Alida Galati

Lena Hume-Twining

Julia Pagliaro

Reina Phung

Shirley Wong

FYI: the journal for the information professional. FYI is the quarterly print publication from the School Library Association of Victoria.
Synergy (ISSN 1448-5716) is published twice annually (May and October) by the School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV).

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