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Statement on School Libraries

School libraries are central to the school’s community of learning.

They reflect and contribute to the achievement of the school’s mission by:
  • Providing an engaging and welcoming physical and virtual cultural space that is challenging, inspiring and secure,
  • Unlocking the potential for learning through the support of independent and collaborative learning opportunities that encourage critical and creative thinking and enrich student outcomes,
  • Managing and curating equitable, inclusive and diverse physical and digital collections that reflect both a local and global perspective,
  • Initiating programs that develop literacy, information literacy, a reading culture and essential lifelong learning skills,
  • Guiding the school community to become digital citizens, competent in the safe and ethical use of information.  

Qualified school library professionals have the knowledge and skills to collaborate with teachers to achieve curriculum outcomes.

Ratified SLAV Council 1st December 2018

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FYI: the journal for the information professional. FYI is the quarterly print publication from the School Library Association of Victoria.
Synergy (ISSN 1448-5716) is published twice annually (May and October) by the School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV).

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